The History of European Infrastructure Finance

Faced with large fiscal deficits, many European governments are looking to forms of public private partnership (PPP) contracts as the way to deliver on promises to improve infrastructure providing public services whilst avoiding excessive public sector debt. In many countries, privatisation and regulation models have been applied to network industries for several years.Long-term cycles of public and private ownership and investment in infrastructure can be seen across different European nations.

European Investment Bank
De 2011 hasta 2015 Completed
COCOPS – Coordinating for Cohesion in the Public Sector of the Future

COCOPS – Coordinating for Cohesion in the Public Sector of the Future is a public management research consortium consisting of 11 universities in 10 countries. With a budget of nearly 2,7 million € from the European Commission’s FP7, this is to become one of the largest comparative public management research projects in Europe. The project started on 1 Jan 2011 and will run for 3,5 years. It is coordinated by Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Choice, Citizen satisfaction, Citizen-Customer, Eurobarometer, Voice
De 2011 hasta 2015 Ongoing
The Emergence of Southern Multinationals and their Impact on Europe

Traditionally Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has flowed from advanced developed economies into developed and developing countries. More recently a new trend has emerged in the pattern of FDI. Outward bound FDI from emerging economies has begun to increase significantly and has been growing at a faster pace than FDI from the advanced developed world.

Foreign Direct Investment, Multinational Corporations; Emerging Markets, European Policy
De 2010 hasta 2014 Ongoing
The Policies of FDI in Public Service Networks in the EU

This three year period analysed the determinants and consequences of the rise of Foreign Direct Investment into public service networks across the EU. It focused in particular on electricity, gas, water, telecommunications and transportation networks. This project was financed by the Spanish Ministry of Innovation and Research.

De 2009 hasta 2011 Completed
The internationalisation of public enterprises in Europe: regulation, integration, citizenship politics and social cohesion

Ths project analysed the ways in which formerly domesticallly organized public enterprises had emerged as some of the world´s largest Multinational Corporations. It examined the role of regulation, integration, social cohesion policies and citizenship politics on determining the evolution and performance of the new infrastructural Multinationals. Directed by Professor Francisco Comín (Universidad of Alcalá-Madrid)

De 2005 hasta 2008 Completed
European Peripheries

The "European Peripheries” project was funded by the European Union- Socrates Intensive Programme (Jean Monnet Centre-Univesity of Tampere, University of Joenssu, University of Tallin, University of Pecs, University of Cantabria and PMAS–Bucharest). 2005-2008 (completed).

De 2005 hasta 2008 Completed
Privatization: Integration, transnationalisation and regulation of public services

This project examined what happened to public services after privatization. It focused on particular on the extent to which they became more or less integrated into a Single Market, how their regulation changed, and the extent to which they internationalized, or failed to venture abroad.  Directed by Professor F. Comín (University of Alcalá de Henares)

De 2002 hasta 2005 Completed
Investing in Southern Europe: Technological and Financial Investment Decisions by manufacturing firms

This project analyzed the kinds of policies which facilitated adequate investment in Southern Europe. It looked in particular at the technological and financial investment decisions made by manufacturing firms and the effects on investment. Director: Antony Barzokas (EU) Daniel Díaz-Fuentes (Spain)

De 1997 hasta 2001 Completed


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