Transforming Public Enterprise in Europe and North America

Transnational Corporations and public enterprises have been perceived as organizations evolving in seperate, even antagonistic business, economic and ideological spheres. Yet, at the beginning of the twenty-first century, utilities in energy, telecommmunications, transport and water unexpectedly emerged as leading Transnational Corporations. Trajectories of 'new service champions' such as EDF, Deutsche Telekom, Suez, Vivndi, France Telecom, E.ON, REW, Deutsche Post, Telefonica, Endesa, SAS, GAZPROM are examined in context. How and why did this remarkable and unprecedented transition occur? What are the consequences for competition, regulation, public services and consumers? Leading authorities from Europe, Russia, Canada, Mexico and the United States analyse the business, economic and historical contexts that have influenced these changes.

Introduction: From "Ugly Ducklings" to "New Economic Swans": On the Rise of Public Network Services in Europe and the Americas; J.Clifton, F.Comín& D.D.Fuentes
Cross Border Investment and Service Flows in Network Industries within Western Europe c.1830-1980; R.Millward
Public Enterprises in Transition: The Case of France; P.Fridenson
Public Enterprise and Public Networks in Italy 1952-2001: A Quantitative Profile; P.A.Toninelli& M.Vasta
Ugly Ducklings Growth in Germany; H.G.Schröter
Institutional Change and State Enterprise: The UK in Comparative Perspective 1945-90; R.Millward
On the Emergence of Spanish Transnational Public Enterprises; F.Comín, D.D.Fuentes& J.Clifton
Privatisation and Transnationalisation in Portugal (1980-2005) ; A.B.Nunes, C.Bastien& N.Valério
Scandinavian Experiences of Network Industries. Public Enterprises and Changing Welfare Policies 1950-2005; L.Andersson-Skog& T.Pettersson
Transforming Public Enterprises in Ireland: The Case Study of Air Transportation; S.Barrett
Ownership and Trans-Nationalisation in the Benelux: The Case of the Belgian Railways 1834-2004; F.Buelens, J.van den Broeck& H.Willems
Large Network Transnationalisation in Russia; M.Klinova
The International Activities of Three Canadian Public Electrical Companies: Hydro-Québec, BC Hydro and Manitoba Hydro from 1988 to Today; P.Lanthier
Transforming Public Enterprises in México: The Case of TELMEX; J.Clifton, D.D.Fuentes& C.Marichal
American Exceptionalism? Privatisation and Transnationalisation in the United States; C.S.Chahyadi, W.L.Megginson& J.M.Salas
Conclusions: The Future for Public Network Services; J.Clifton, F.Comín& D.D.Fuentes


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