The European Union, southern multinationals and the question of the'strategic industries'

In today's globalized world there is a need to investigate new trends in the global economy which impact on Europe. The emergence of these southern multinationals in Europe is one such phenomenon. This book explores the existing trends and trajectories of these companies, the evidence of their impact and their strategies and processes. Edited by Louis Brennan. INTRODUCTIONIntroducing Southern Multinationals and their Impact on EuropeQUANTIFYING THE EMERGENCE OF SOUTHERN MULTINATIONALSThe Rise of TNCs from the SouthThe Emergence of Southern Multinationals and their Impact on EuropeSOUTHERN MULTINATIONALS FROM A HOME COUNTRY PERSPECTIVEEurope in the internationalization strategies of the MultilatinasInternationalization of China's Enterprises and Its Implications for EuropeCharacterizing the patterns of inward and emerging outward FDI in Hungary Erzsébet CzakóThe Westwards Expansion of Russian MultinationalsMultinationals from Slovenia – Nano Size, but Giga ImportantSOUTHERN MULTINATIONALS FROM A HOST COUNTRY/REGION PERSPECTIVEChinese and Indian Firms in Europe: Main Characteristics and Presumed ImpactsChinese and Indian multinationals in Denmark - Is there Anything Special about Them?Chinese Outward Direct Investment in Europe and Belgium: Characteristics and Policy IssuesThe European Union, Southern Multinationals and the Question of the ‘Strategic Industries’The Emergence of SWFs and the European PerspectiveINNOVATIVE PERSPECTIVES ON SOUTHERN MULTINATIONALSExploring the Configuration of Emerging Country Multinationals – A Value Chain PerspectiveCadre-Capitalism Goes Global: Financial Market Reforms and the New Role for the People’s Republic of China in World MarketsIMPLICATIONS FOR THEORY AND THEORY DEVELOPMENTInternationalization Strategies of Firms from Emerging Economies: Is there a Strong Case for Theoretical Extension?Indian Multinationals, Comparative Capitalism and Implications for Global and Host Country Economic InstitutionsThe Impact of Financial Strategy on Internationalisation of EMNCs – a Neglected Factor?A Southern Multinational and an Emerging European State in Entry Bargaining ProcessCONCLUSIONSothern Multinationals and their Impact on Europe: What have we Learnt?




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