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The race for international markets: Were privatized telecommunications incumbents more successful than their public counterparts?

Selling off formerly state-owned telecommunications incumbents played a major role in governments’ privatization programmes from the 1980s. One major consequence was that, from the late 1990s, a number of incumbents emerged as the world’s largest Multinational Corporations (MNCs). Despite the importance of this transformation, the determinants of telecommunications internationalization have not been fully analysed.


International Review of Applied Economics 27(2)

The regulation of water services in the EU

Volume: 48 Number: 3 Pages: 136--158



The political economy of telecoms and electricity internationalization in the single market

Progress in European market integration over the past two decades has come at the expense of growing flexibility, or differentiation, in the laws that govern the Single Market (SM) as well as the way that these laws are implemented. This volume examines how the completion of the SM has been held back in the varied implementation of European Union competition policy, variation in national policies on services, corporate law, telecommunications, energy, taxation, and gambling, and the EU’s uneven transportation network.


Journal of European Public Policy

Territorial differences in access to Services of General Economic Interest. Evaluation of regulatory policies from a regional perspective (in Spanish)

Este trabajo analiza en perspectiva territorial el uso de los Servicios Económicos de Interés General (SEIG), cuyo acceso generalizado en igualdad de condiciones es considerado clave, por los reguladores europeos, para la cohesión social y regional, en particular tras los procesos de privatización, liberalización y desregulación de la oferta. Para ello, utiliza como fuente principal las preferencias reveladas por los ciudadanos a partir del gasto de los hogares, en función de las características de su lugar de residencia.


Investigaciones Regionales 22, 165--177

From national monopoly to multinational corporation: How regulation shaped the road towards telecommunications internationalisation

One of the consequences of major regulatory reform of the telecommunications sector from the end of the 1970s – particularly, privatisation, liberalisation and deregulation – was the establishment of a new business environment which permitted former national telecommunications monopolies to expand abroad. From the 1990s, a number of these firms, particularly those based in Europe, joined the rankings of the world's leading multinational corporations. Their internationalisation was uneven, however: while some firms internationalised strongly, others ventured abroad much slower.




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